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Healux International Pvt. Ltd. is a Premier Direct Selling company promoted by professionals with more than 30 years experience offering world class products through multinational companies to the Indian market.

  • Healux is committed to offering its customers innovative products, superior quality with guarantee and reasonable prices.

  • Currently, Healux products are sold through our exclusive Healux branch offices by our sales force of independent Healux Sales Healux Consultants through Healux Healthy Cooking Shows. Our Healux Consultant are highly trained sales professionals will bring our products to life at the prospect's home by conducting Healthy Cooking Shows, where guests will taste healthy food; and will learn to prepare healthy & tasty food recipes in an easy way; time-saving cooking techniques; and how to use innovative kitchen tools, all in a relaxed atmosphere with family and friends, with plenty of laughter and lots of fun!

  • We also have a very large customer base internationally, who purchase our Kitchenware and Healthcare products from India.

Our Vision

  • To be among the top 5 brands in India selling premium and innovative products to the Indian homes by 2022.

  • To offer our customers a product range of 300+ high quality home and healthcare products to help them lead a healthy & luxurious lifestyle.

Our Mission

  • To help our Healux Sales Healux Consultants fulfill their dreams and goals.

  • Offer a winning environment where people are inspired to perform their best.

  • Committed to help people to succeed.

Our Team

The Healux leadership team comprises professionals with over 30 years of experience in offering world-class products to the Indian market. They bring their expertise and experience to the Healux brand, and develop the best products and service to customers.

Mr. David Stanley

Managing Director

David Stanley joined Healux International in October 2015 and is credited with having taken its operations nationwide. He comes with experience in launching and establishing companies and products all over India. He started his career as one of the core leadership team members of India’s first direct selling company, Eureka Forbes (a TATA Group company) in Chennai. Between 1985 and 1992, he extended the business to its numerous branches across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. He was Regional Manager when he left Eureka Forbes to become General Manager at ATCO Industries where he launched electronic weighing scales throughout India. In 1996, he founded AMC (a Swiss-German company) in India, where he served as Managing Director. After the launch of AMC Cookware in Bangalore, he established more than 90 branches around India. He is also credited with having opened a state-of-the-art factory in Attibele (Bangalore). Between 2007 and 2009, he was Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Indian Direct Selling Association. In April 2014 he moved to traditional retailing by joining the Atlas group of companies as CEO to launch a jewelry line across India. During his tenure, he opened and established mega showrooms in many of India’s top cities.

Mr. Manoj K George

Regional Director-South I

Manoj George joined Healux International in September 2016 and heads its sales operations in Karnataka, Goa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. He has 25 years experience in the direct selling and traditional retailing industries and comes armed with in-depth knowledge of the South Indian markets. He is known for his key role in the launch of Aquaguard water purifier through Eureka Forbes (a TATA Group company), Bangalore. At Sterling Holidays Resorts group, he was Area Manager for Sterling Tree Magnum. Here he was responsible for developing direct and indirect channel partners to sell teak investments. Later, he joined Jockey Apparels, a leading International innerwear brand, as Area Head for Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. In 1997, he joined AMC Cookware as a founding team member and saw its growth to the No.1 position in the AMC Asia Pacific Region.

Mr. T.K.S. Prasad

Regional Director-South II

Prasad has been part of Healux International from October 2016 and is Regional Director for Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Orissa and Chennai. He comes with experience in national and international markets and started his career in 1985 with a 10-year-stint at Eureka Forbes (a TATA group company) where he established the vacuum cleaner business in Hyderabad. He later moved to Chennai as the company’s Branch Manager, post which he moved to Coimbatore as Area Manager in charge of setting up branches in the TN upcountry market.He then moved to Alfa & Alfa Pvt. Ltd. as Vice President in charge of India operations. From 1999 to 2015, he was a core team member at AMC Cookware. Here he launched the Andhra Pradesh operations based out of Hyderabad. Between 2001 and 2005,he was posted to AMC International in USA, and was based out of Dallas. He came back to India in 2005 to manage AMC operations in Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Orissa and Chhattisgarh. His outstanding sales performance has been recognised with numerous awards at the AMC Asia Pacific and the AMC International levels.

Mr. C.P.Pradeep

Regional Director - North & East

Pradeep joined Healux International in October 2016 and handles the North and East regions of the Healux operations. He started his career with Eureka Forbes (a TATA Group company) in Chennai, where he was part of the team that established the vacuum cleaner business in Chennai. He was then posted to various markets in Kerala with the task of launching the direct sales network. He was later assigned with the special task of launching the Eureka Forbes Air Purifier in Chennai, which was met with great success. He also played a key role in launching and establishing ATCO Electronic Weighing Scales in Madhya Pradesh as the Regional Profit Centre Head. He later joined ION Exchange where he set up the home products division for the company in Tamil Nadu. He then joined AMC Cookware in 1996 and launched Tamil Nadu operations based out of Chennai. After successfully establishing AMC operations in Tamil Nadu and winning many awards at the AMC Asia Pacific Region, he was posted to New Delhi to commence Northern and the Eastern operations for AMC.

Mr. Gireesh Narayan

Regional Director - West

Gireesh joined Healux International in October 2016 as a Regional Director for the West. He started his career in 1995 at Eureka Forbes (a TATA Group company) in Trivandrum and was later posted to Hyderabad to rebuild its sales operations. He has won numerous national awards at Eureka Forbes for his outstanding sales performance. In 2015, he joined AMC Cookware and set up the Customer Care Division all over India selling Speed Cooking Pressure Lids. Later, he was transferred to Mumbai to handle the Direct Sales Division of AMC in Mumbai. As a reward for the performance in Mumbai, which became the highest selling city for AMC, he was promoted to the position of Regional Head of the Western Region of AMC India.

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