Healux Flaxo

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Healux Flaxo – for Heart Health. Strengthen your heart with Flaxo, a multi-health capsule in the natural medicine world.

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A rich vegetarian source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids needed for normal human development and growth. Flaxo is made using cold-pressed extraction methods using minimal or no heat to preserve the chemical structure of fatty acids. Flaxo is known as a multi-health capsule in the natural medicine world.

Common factors affecting heart health:

Consuming foods which are high in fat & sugar
High blood pressure
Being overweight
Intake of alcohol


Reduces the risk of cardiovascular & lung diseases Reduces risk of breast and prostate cancers Helps increase good cholesterol Helps in decreasing bad cholesterol & triglyceride levels Liquid filled capsules get directly absorbed in the body without going through breakdown stages


To be consumed after meals Adult: 1-0-1 Completely safe for regular consumption by adults & senior citizens alike with no side effects


People with known medical conditions are advised to consult a physician for exact dosage


Each 500 mg liquid-filled, hard-shell gelatin capsule of Flaxo contains pepper oil & flaxseed oil

Manufactured and Distributed By

Healux Flaxo is manufactured in an WHO-GMP certified facility with international standards of quality assurance and quality control exclusively for Healux International Pvt. Ltd.


Certified by ASCAB, UNITED KINGDOM Certified for Good Manufacturing Practices; Consistent Quality Certified by ISO 22000:2005 Packed in food grade HDPE bottle

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