Healux Hemoglo

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Healux Hemoglo ? For Detox. The ideal detoxifier & blood purifier.

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Healux Hemoglo ? For Detox. The ideal detoxifier & blood purifier.

5 signs of toxins in your body:

Digestion problems
Skin problems like pimples/acne
Feeling tired
Frequent aches & pain
Unexplained weight gain


Boosts immunity Prevents breathing problems Supports digestive health Helps maintain healthy skin


To be consumed after meals Adult: 1-0-1 Child (6 years & above): 1-0-0 Completely safe for regular consumption by children, adults & senior citizens alike with no side effects


People with known medical conditions are advised to consult a physician for exact dosage


Hemoglo is a combination of natural Ayurvedic herbs: Neemi Triphala Yavatikta Rohitaka Katuka Bakuchi Bhringaraj Varuna

Manufactured and Distributed By

Manufactured in an international standards GMP and ISO certified manufacturing facility with Ayush License exclusively for Healux International Pvt. Ltd.


Certified by Department of Ayush, Karnataka State Government Certified for Good Manufacturing Practices; Consistent Quality Certified by ISO 9001:2000 Packed in food grade HDPE bottle

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